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Horizon 3.5.2 Horizon 4.0 Youtube support improved


Horizon QCMS 3.5 almost ready!
Horizon QCMS is a Quick Content Management System for creative minds.

With Horizon QCMS, you don't need to be a whizz kid to maintain your site. You don't need
to know PHP or HTML because Horizon QCMS does the work for you.
Best of all: Horizon QCMS is open-source software.
We are currently working on Horizon QCMS 3.5.
What's new:
* Facebook plug in *
facebook plug in for Horizon QCMS

We realize that more people are using social media nowadays so we decided to create a Facebook plug-in.

Horizon combines the "Like Button," "Send Button," "Comments" and "Recommendations."

All you need to do is register your site on Facebook via the JavaScript SDK. You will get an App ID from Facebook.
This App ID will be used by our Facebook plug-in, and then you're ready to rock!

Horizon will add all the necessary code for you in your website, and that's it.

* Formbuilder *
Form builder

With Formbuilder, it's easy to create your own forms for your website. It has a built-in support for form validation and also
offers a calendar function. The form builder uses JQuery for the form validation and for the calendar function.

With FormBuilder, you can create text fields, text areas, lists, hidden fields, password fields, radio buttons, check boxes
and a calendar.

With FormBuilder, you can also tell which fields are required. You can validate a field on:
email addresses, URL-S and numbers.

With FormBuilder, you can also add a require command on check boxes and radio buttons.

FormBuilder works with the built-in mail program (mail.php) to send the contents of the form to the email address.

The data of the form will also be inserted in the MySQL database because the next module I'll create is a CRM function that
works in combination of the mail program. After that I'll upload the new fully tested version of HorizonQCMS on Sourceforge
so that you can download the new version.

Improved page editor

Improved page editor

With the improved page editor it's very easy to edit your existing articles and to add new Youtube
movies or other multimedia content.
Youtube movies are now stored in the text area.
With Horizon QCMS 3.5 you can add, edit or remove users. It's also a lot easier to remove existing articles due to the 
interactive dashboard. Users with user level 5 can remove articles, use the navigation management, add new users and
only the main user can remove and reset passwords for other users.

The main user cannot be removed off course.

Click here for more information.
We are also working on a check-for-update function so that you can check if updates are available
and version 3.5 will have a "Magic Quotes Patch."

Some hosts have Magic Quotes enabled, and this will give unexpected results with Horizon QCMS.

What is Magic Quotes anyway?
When on, all ' (single), " (double quote), (backslash) and NULL characters are escaped with a
backslash automatically. This is identical to what addslashes does.

This feature has been DEPRECATED as of PHP 5.3.0. Relying on this feature is highly

So if your host enables Magic Quotes, then Horizon QCMS won't work well in version 3.4 and earlier.
You really need to ask your host to turn this feature, of since we use the addslashes feature in Horizon
QCMS. That means that each slash will have an extra slash, and that means that images won't be
displayed in your web page thanks to the not very reliable magic quotes.
The current stable version of Horizon is 3.4
interactive control panel
- Since version 3.4 Horizon  has an interactive dashboard.
Image manager
- Since version 3.4 Horizon has an improved image manager