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Horizon QCMS 5.0


I'm Cynthia Fridsma, and I'm the lead developer of Horizon QCMS 5.0.

The first version of Horizon QCSM was built by me in the summer of '05 due to the lack of good alternatives. I've programmed Horizon QCMS around the WYSIWYG editor Xihna because it was the best editor at that time. Currently, I've tested a dozen other editors, but they don't come close to Xihna.

Sure, I know... some people get excited about HTML 5. Well, none of the so-called  HTML 5 editors offer the same possibilities that you can find in Xihna, which comes close to a real Word Processor like Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word. So instead of following the trends, I decided to keep the user friendly interface of Xihna and create the security patches of Xihna in favor of Horizon QCMS.

To cut to the chase, I simply decided to build a framework around Xihna with a new way to render HTML templates. Because Horizon QCMS works with external templates. I've optimized the render engine in Horizon QCMS 5.0 to make it go faster and more  reliable. It also meant that I had to change lots of PHP routines I programmed, but now Horizon QCMS is way faster than most other CMS systems. And because I decided to add a bunch of new tools to go along with Horizon QCMS like the improved version of FormBuilder that now has the ability to create customized MySQL tables. I think that Horizon QCMS is a great tool to maintain your website. And last, but not least: query builder! A great tool to create your own customized MySQL queries.

Also keep in mind that the Horizon Quick Content Management System works with the native MySQLi engine, which is way faster than the PDO engine because PDO acts like an interface while MySQLi communicates directly with the database....

I would like to thank Sanja Gjenero from Croatia for her permission to use her beautiful photos for the interface of Horizon QCMS, to give it a look that it deserves.

Best regards,
Cynthia Fridsma
Lead developer of Horizon QCMS