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Horizon 3.5.2 Horizon 4.0



* multimedia patch * 

Since things changed with Youtube we really had to upgrade our multimedia library. 

You can download the patch on sourceforge.net 

We are going to bring horizon to the next level of flexibility:


  • PHP support in existing articles. 
  • Each article can have a different template. 
  • You can add age restrictions for each article
  • * MySQLi support * 
    Why are we working on a new database MySQLi class for Horizon? This is due to the fact that the old MYSQL extension is deprecated in PHP 5.5 and will be removed in the future. I don't know exactly why this decision was made, but I think that this has to do with OOP. Using MYSQLi will force the programmer to work with objects. Horizon is already Object Orientated and changing the database class won't be much of a problem.

Community tools:

  • Visitors can now become a member of your site via Horizon QCMS 4.0 
  • You can now create member's only webpages

Site management tools:

  • The site administrator can block users. 

This and more will be available for Horizon QCMS 4.0. 

P.s. the community tool is optional. 

* If you previously installed Horzion 3.5.1 then you need to download the security patch 
   to upgrade to version 3.5.2 *

You can download the security patch on sourceforge.net at  https://sourceforge.net/projects/hnqcms/files/patches/ 

About the security patch 

* security patch *

Copy all the files to the root directory where you have installed Horizon QCMS. Then you have to login and after the login you can go to setup/upgrade_horizon.php to upgrade the database.

You can now download Horizon 3.5.2 

What's new? 
  • Formbuilder.
  • News. 
  • Footer.
  • Facebook Plugin.
  • Google Analytics.
  • JQuery News page widgets.
  • JQuery Simple Charts.
  • Improved support for the Internet Explorer.
  • PDF generator.
  • CRM module. 
  • Magic Quotes support.
  • A plug-in installer.
  • JQuery Moving boxes support.
  • A realtime version check to see if you have the latest version.
  • Facebook plug-in support for Simple Gallery.
  • The dropdown menu is improved
  • The database framework is improved for better performances
  • The redirect function in the QCMS framework is improved
  • The help function will now redirect you to our Wiki manual
  • You will also find new html templates in the themes directory that you can use for your website. 

    Click here if you want to download Horizon QCMS 3.5.2